Remember that not to pour

The world millennium, as I blink of an eye. The cold spring and autumn time, but the fingers open, flowing from the fingers quietly. The perishable years, unconsciously, the autumn has come, head breeze, the wind with a slight chill, across the shoulders, swept to the tops of the trees, the leaves yellowed gently into the mud, wet land embraced deciduous, warm in the afternoon daylight designer handbags clearance.

This season, easy heart miss. Although some old, some fuzzy. May every sketch, stroke seem to record, infinite yearning. The past, but the ups and downs of morning in the dust.

Out of the ordinary everyone has their own, have their own also say not clear is happy or sad experience, there are hidden in the heart of every story, every story is the one and only. The clouds have gradually faded gold, Yemu come. The work of the people have to sleep hosting service, the dream of sweet with the outside breeze away. In a quiet, "Moonlight on the Spring River" will not sleep to the river who first saw the moon? Shine thew people? Life has infinite generations, the rivers every year at the beautiful realm of similar.

In fact, in everyone's heart, have lived a past, have to be in a nice hobble.

Also remember that night, you said, I am the world beauty, meditate on it day and night, the soul with pin, if after the real was this a beauty, lower half good enough! Then, I put on a moonlight, dance half neon. 霞姿月韵, mouth up with a smile. Draw your endless admiration and a solemn pledge of love. You, like the stream gurgling water, with the moonlight, our heart does not feel drunk. The moon is never tired of writing letters, write it well, it's just, its light. In fact, the moonlight, more is parting, is sad, is sad, is also a kind of unspoken desire.

I know that after that night of romance, in later days, I bring is more miss, only silence. Perhaps is the eternal and unable to get out of that piece of our love. But I'd rather have that night, give up a world.

The wonderful autumn, I take it in one way, stay in the dream and the recollection iphone skin.






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